I urge long-term investing without a lot of "churning" of accounts that so many other financial professionals rely on. Buying and selling does not equal profit. Solid, thoughtful, and effective positions DO equal profit... and fruitful retirements. My goal would be to create a portfolio that you wouldn't have to change for the next 10 to 20 years... or that if you did need to change it, you would have a clear understanding ahead of time why you were doing it. The key is that you would be reacting to normal market fluctuations in any kind of panic mode. IT'S MY GOAL TO HELP YOU GET BETTER-THAN-THE "AVERAGE" INVESTOR RESULTS IN YOUR PORTFOLIO. WE CAN RECOMMEND PORTFOLIO STRATEGIES that historically have done better than "average." You don't have to beat market returns to be an above "average" investor.

It does not matter if you are a couple of years away from, or already retired... ...or in the lucky position of being ten or more years from retirement... ...or simply an investor who wants your money to grow as quickly and safely as possible. With just a little professional assistance you can start to move closer to your goals of wealth creation and a better retirement. I can tell you that taking away the mystery of what you are facing at retirement will make a drastic difference in your life right now. You will feel better knowing what to expect as retirement approaches and that you are doing what you need to do to feel secure when you get there. We help investors pursue higher expected returns through a systematic investment process that integrates research insights with advanced portfolio design and management.

We prepare your portfolio for any market condition. The key to protecting and growing your wealth over time is proper portfolio construction. Subscribing to data-driven research will give your portfolio construction the clarity it needs. We'll show you how to use the "Risk Over Returns" system to convince even the most aggressive investors to follow an integrated core approach-one that simultaneously targets the size, value, and profitability premiums across the entire market- which can lead to more reliable outperformance, better risk control, and lower costs. Investors who are adopting our system tell us...

  It's more sustainable than chasing returns

  It helps them avoid costly mistakes

  It reduces stress and anxiety

  It helps them stay disciplined and increases their chance of success Better Understanding, Better Outcomes

The greatest opportunity to generate superior risk-adjusted performance-which means that not only does the investment strategy perform well during the good times, but it also performs well across market crises-and already exists in the Wealth boosting elements of the market. We can put you in an elite group of investors who have been smart and savvy enough to get involved and are not prey to the fads or gimmicks of the investing world. Your portfolio will be doing its job all the time. You won't have to rely on predictions about the future. Recession, market drops, bull markets, bear markets... will all be factored into your strategy. You will never have to react to temporary market swings. You can remain cool, calm, and collected with an understanding that you are on a journey toward your life's dreams and goals... and your portfolio is doing what it can to get you there in a dynamic way.